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AV Case Study Results for Broadcast

3D (3)
Conferencing, telepresence, distance learning, tele-medicine (30)
Content production, post production (137)
Digital content management, distribution, streaming (144)
Digital Signage (51)
Large venue display, Image magnification, media walls (65)
Paging and communications (22)
Presentation, training (51)
Residential applications - theaters, security, control (5)
Security, Surveillance, evacuation (7)
Sound reinforcement - indoor & outdoor (19)
in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
by Leightronix, Inc.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL—Before upgrading to the UltraNEXUS™ this year, Frenchman's Creek had one of the longest running NEXUS® video servers, using it continuously for nearly eight years. Frenchman's C...
in Holliston, MA
by Leightronix, Inc.
Holliston, MA—Holliston Cable Access, Inc. (HCAT) has been a LEIGHTRONIX customer for over 16 years. HCAT has been satisfied with LEIGHTRONIX at every turn, from the VCR controlling PRO-8™, to the rec...
in Lowell, MI
by Leightronix, Inc.
Lowell, MI—Many of the Midwest’s best club wrestling teams gathered at Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek for the Grand River Rumble wrestling tournament on July 22, 2012. Among the attendees were many of ...
in Niagara Falls, NY
by Leightronix, Inc.
Niagara Falls (NY)In every industry, especially video and broadcast, companies must constantly prepare themselves for the evolution of their business and the future of their industry. Utilizing the U...
in Coos Bay, OR
by Leightronix, Inc.
Coos Bay, OR—When Gordon Young first started as studio engineer for PEG Broadcast Services in Coos Bay, the station was using a recorder/player that enabled them to play out files in a loop, but there...
in Wisconsin Rapids, WI
by Leightronix, Inc.
Wisconsin Rapids (WI)—When Tom Loucks took over River Cities Community Access TV (RCCA) just over a year ago, the station was using what Loucks calls "1980’s technology". The station was run manually ...
in Janesville, WI
by Leightronix, Inc.
Janesville, WI—Twice a month the School District of Janesville hosts board meetings for which interest and attendance is very high. Prior to seven months ago, those who wanted to see what happened at ...
in Somerset, MA
by Leightronix, Inc.
Somerset, MA—Somerset Access TV (SATV) is a local PEG station in Massachusetts that runs a public access, a government, and an education channel, and maintains a PEG Central video-on-demand site that ...
in Statesville, NC
by Leightronix, Inc.
Statesville, NC—St John's Lutheran Church (SJLC) has been broadcasting their services to about 40,000 homes in Statesville, NC each week for the past 20 years. Prior to purchasing the UltraNEXUS™ from...
in Covington, KY
by Leightronix, Inc.
Covington, KY—When the Telecommunications Board of Northern Kentucky (TBNK) undertook a system overhaul, it seemed as if LEIGHTRONIX would be the obvious choice. The six-channel station had two previo...
in Inver Grove Heights, MN
by Leightronix, Inc.
Inver Grove Heights, MN—Stationed less than 10 miles southeast of Minnesota's "Twin Cities," Town Square Television produces seven PEG access channels. With all seven channels being broadcast to seven...
in Traverse City, MI
by Leightronix, Inc.
Traverse City, MI—When the independently organized TEDx event in Traverse City was originally planned, it was set to be housed in the Milliken Auditorium in the Dennos Museum at Northwestern Michigan ...