Videotel, Inc.

Total Products: 34

Product Name
Remote for 2399, 4022 & 4400 DVD Players
349 remote for use with 2399, 4022 & 4400 DVD players.
Wall Mount Bracket for HD2600 DVD Player
The 350 wall mount bracket is an ideal solution to install the HD2600 Looping DVD Player vertically on a wall.
3 Way "T" Type 2 BNC Female to 1 BNC Male Coax Quad Connector
1476 is a 3 way T type 2 BNC female to 1 BNC male coax quad connector.
12" Black Wire Ties, Pack of 100
1756 are 12" black wire ties and are available in pack of 100.
4" Black Wire Ties, Pack of 100
1766 are 4" black wire ties and are available in pack of 100.
8" Black Wire Ties, Pack of 100
1772 are 8" black wire ties and are available in pack of 100.
"L" Type BNC Female to Male Connector
1773 is a "L" type BNC female to male connector.
BNC Female to RCA Male Connector
1775 BNC female to RCA male connector is used to convert a male BNC to a male RCA.
3 Way BNC "T" Type Female Connector
1776 BNC T type 3 way female connector is used for dropping down a wire from a continuous run of coaxial BNC cable.
2' RCA Male to BNC Male Coaxial Video Cable
1789 RCA male to BNC male coaxial video cable is typically used to connect quad from our UBC box to a quad TV with an RCA input.
4' RCA Male to Male Video Cable, Black
1794 is a RCA male to RCa male video cable. Available in 4 feet length.
RCA Female to BNC Male Adapter
1984 RCA female to BNC male adapter is used to change a male RCA to a male BNC.
Replacement Power Supply for HD2600 & V2200 DVD Players, 12V
2372 is the factory power supply for the V2200 and HD 2600 DVD Players. This supply mounts sideways so it will not take up 2 outlets on a power strip or wall plug.
Remote Control for HD2600 and V2200 DVD Players
2689 is a remote control for use with HD2600 and V2200 DVD players.
XT Table Top Timer with 120V AC Outlets
The XT Table Top Timers are compact and portable especially productive in scientific laboratories and other environments where quick and easy access to the keyboard and outputs is desirable.
Small Round Button, Red
The 1-1/4" round red button without text. Button mounts in a 1" hole, mounting material can be between 1/8" and 3/4" thick.
6' 3 Male RCA to 3 Male RCA Component Video Cable
4544 RCA component video cable is used for component video connection from DVD player to TV. Available in standard Red - Blue - Green connections.
Medium Button with Play Text, Blue
The 1-3/4" round blue button with "play" text. Button mounts in a 1" hole, mounting material can be between 1/8" and 3/4" thick.
DVAP DVD Replacement Fan
5390 fan is used on the back of our industrial DVD player known as the "DVAP".
IPH Inter-Play Harness
The ICH Interactive Control Harness connects to the VP68 , VP71 and VP77 media players.
Medium Button with Play Text, Orange
The 1-3/4" round orange button with text reads "play". Button mounts in a 1" hole, mounting material can be between 1/8" and 3/4" thick.
DVD Laser Lens Cleaner
8535 DVD lens cleaner used to clean dust and debris off of the laser on any DVD player.
6' Dual Male RCA Video Cable
9195 RCA video cable has dual RCA connectors on each end.
Replacement Loader for HD2600 & V2200 DVD Players
921 Replacement Loader is an alternative to purchasing a new DVD player should the player reach its extended life span.
DVD STB Power Supply
9739 power supply is used for our DVAP DVD players and for our "Piccolo" STB (light gray aluminum booth electronics for digital system). Power supply comes with 6' AC power cord.
Industrial Looping DVD Player Commercial Grade, Premium Parts Auto On, Auto Start, Auto Play, Auto Repeat, Auto Loop Seamless 24/7/365 Continuous Play Proven lifespan of 4+ Years
HD2600 is the only true Industrial Looping HD DVD player on the market today. Auto powers On, Auto Starts, Auto Plays, Auto Repeats even after a power loss without manual interaction. Commercial Grade, designed for rugged use, continuous 24/7/365 play.
Industrial HD DVD/CD Standalone Digital Content/Signage Player
The HD2600S is industrial HD DVD/CD standalone digital content/signage player for healthcare. Commercial player is designed, built and proven to play continuously 24/7/365 days a week for over 4 years.
Interplay Module (IPM), Content Control Board
Interplay Module connects to the HD2600 Industrial DVD player & Industrial Media Player Models VP68, VP71, VP77. This external board offers your audience the ability to trigger preferred content within the offered playlist for an interactive experience.
Industrial Looping DVD Player
The V2200 is the latest generation in our long line of Industrial DVD Players. A truly "GREEN" looping DVD player designed and built to play 24 hours a day / 7 days a week for 3-5 years.
Industrial Media Player
The VP68 is a multi-function digital media player. With the compact and industrial design, the VP68 allows you to store and playback full-motion DVD audio/video clips with high-speed Compact Flash memory cards (CF).
Industrial Media Player - HDMI 1080 - 24/7/365 Continuous Looping Play Auto Start, Auto Play, Auto Repeat Looping Content
The VP70 is a multi-function digital signage media player designed for any video, photo or audio application that requires content played continuously 24/7/365. Long term durability-no moving parts. Reliable storage, re programmable SD & USB.
Industrial Looping Media Player - Metal Enclosure HDMI 1080 - 24/7/365 Continuous Play, Seamless Auto Start, Auto Play, Auto Repeat
Industrial and commercial grade media player designed for any digital content. Auto powers on, auto starts, auto plays and auto repeats 24/7/365 via SD Card or USB drive (included). Solid-state technology, designed for rugged use for continuous play.
Interactive Digital Signage Solution with VP71 Media Player and IPM/IPH Interplay Module
The VP71S5 is a true play and play interactive digital signage solution with VP71 industrial media player and IPM or IPH (interplay module) with illuminated push buttons to trigger various content.
Industrial Media Player HDMI 1080 Video Built in Scheduler/Timer/Content Management
VP77 Commercial Grade Digital Media Signage Player uniquely designed & proven to automatically display content seamlessly and continuously 24/7/365. Streams video over internet or LAN. Built in Scheduler & Timer to trigger content.