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" At Marshall Industries, we have created custom solutions for our Engineering team to input information and for our draftsmen to visualize the systems. We've always had a bottleneck with manually entering products and technical information. Once we discovered AV-iQ, we were able to integrate their data into our solutions. We have been saving hundreds of man hours annually and our information has been more accurate. The AV-iQ service 'lets the computers do the work' so our team can focus on other things. "

Christian Baker
Sr. Project Engineer
Marshall Industries

" Having the AV-iQ catalog on the Midtown Video website has truly strengthened our brand and increased our value proposition to our customers. Researching thousands of products from world class manufactures is easy to do on AV-IQ and there is a direct link for customers to get in touch with us right from the catalog. Our relationship with our AV-IQ representative Levy Lira has helped us get the most out of all features offered. Many of our marketing assets are linked to pages on the catalog which increases visitors to our website. "

Debby Miller
Executive Vice President
Midtown Video

" The AV-iQ catalog is a comprehensive product resource for our clients and teams. The team supporting this immense catalog and our customized website portal is very responsive and helpful which makes them a great marketing partner. "

Tami Zeidhlack
Director of Digital Marketing

" Our team at A-V Services, our clients, and our prospective clients benefit from the AV-iQ managed products on our website. AV-iQ manages thousands of audio visual technology products on our site that attract people to contact us for systems integration consultations and quotes. The power of AV-iQ goes beyond lead generation. The platform allows us to feature our installations, making it easy for us to demonstrate that excellence is our standard. "

Vin Bruno
Vice President, Sales & Marketing
A-V Services

" For the past decade Spinitar has benefited from using an AV-iQ product resource on our website by attracting end users and generating both sales leads and tremendous SEO value to our own website. With the addition of their Case Studies section on we are now able to highlight some of our best installations and gain even more exposure for the great work we do for our clients. This is a one-of-a-kind resource in the industry that is a must-have for our business! "

Jeff Irvin

" With time perhaps our most valued resource, AV-IQ protects its use by compiling AV product options in an accessible, thoughtful manner that facilitates buyers' decision processes. Manufacturers can update their product content in one spot with the potential to reach their entire AV reseller network!
Kudos and thanks. "

Kathy Katz

" One of the greatest challenges of the 21st Century as a manufacturer or reseller is the proper management of digital product content for your website, employees and customers. AV-iQ has not only met that challenge, but led the way and been an invaluable tool for Comprehensive and the entire AV industry. Comprehensive is proud to have been an early adopter of this technology and I can think of no better tool for efficiently managing and distributing accurate and timely product content to resellers and end users alike. I would highly recommend it. "

Scott Schaefer
Comprehensive Connectivity Company

" If you run a small business you should consider using AV-iQ. This resource has helped Nigel B Design gain visibility for our anti-vibration products. As a small manufacturer AV-iQ provides the ability for us to cost effectively market directly to the end-user while also providing an invaluable resource for our business partners. The resource is simple to use, saves time and improves communications. "

Nigel Brent
President and CEO
Nigel B. Design, Inc.

" AV-iQ is a great resource tool for our customers. We're able to provide information about our products in real-time, receive product inquiries, and participate in programs around a product launch. As this platform continues to improve, we look forward to working with the AV-iQ team. "

Helen Perlegos
Marketing Manager
Lumens Integration Inc.

" As a leading, braided sleeving manufacturer, we have been watching AV-IQ evolve throughout many years. The new web site is very user friendly even for those who are not too computer savvy. All AV products, manufacturers, and prices are in one great database, reachable within seconds. That's absolutely amazing. Easy to navigate and clean look. "

Anetta Carnemolla
Marketing Manager
Techflex, Inc.

" AV-iQ has been invaluable in amplifying and distributing our announcements and product information. The reach and indexing of the AV-iQ content ensures we are positioned aggressively in front of potential buyers and resellers. It also expedites the delivery of product catalogs to the AV community. Having AV-iQ as a data partner has definitely benefited Spectrum. "

Scott Dorn
Executive Vice President - Business Development
Spectrum Industries, Inc.

" AV-iQ is extremely valuable for manufacturers and dealers alike. With simple yet robust tools for manufacturers to easily upload product specifications, copy, images and data sheets, AV-iQ's AV product database is simply unmatched in the industry. Partnership with AV-iQ also provides manufacturers with access to a prominent dealer and reseller base, and gives these dealers/resellers a single, comprehensive destination for all AV products and companies. "

Rachael Dame
Marketing Manager, B2B
Optoma Technologies, Inc

" The AV-IQ website is very intuitive, encouraging our constant attention in keeping our product information up to date. We have found it to be a welcome addition to our ongoing marketing efforts and has increased our brand awareness and lead generation. "

Elizabeth Wolff
Sr. Marketing Manager
NEC Display Solutions

" AV-iQ is a valuable showcase for our products and solutions, and expands our visibility in the industry. It's a great resource with clear navigation and really useful search tools. The platform's simple data transfer makes it easy to keep our information up-to-date, which is key. Plus, the AV-iQ team is great to work with! "

Catherine Moreau
Sr. Marketing Communications Manager
Sony Professional Solutions Americas

" TVP has partnered with AV-iQ for a number of years in maintaining our online product catalogue along with the other features and benefits of the programs offered. We appreciate the extraordinary service and dedication to our account. Bottom line is that AV-iQ is an invaluable resource. "

Larry Gallner
Total Video Products, Inc.
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