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5 Everyday Uses of Digital Signage

Posted on Monday, October 16, 2023
5 Everyday Uses of Digital Signage

Digital signage is everywhere! Whether you notice it or not, there are countless ways digital signage shows up in our daily lives to make information easier to view and update. Here are five locations and uses of digital signage you may run into in a typical day.  


Digital signage has become widely used in transit stations for trains, buses, airports, and more because it is a great solution to clearly display departure times, transfer information, and important updates to commuters. It allows operators to easily update information in real-time to ensure the most accurate information is available. 

Outdoor-certified displays also guarantee digital signage can be placed in the elements year-round and maintain high-quality visuals, including being legible in bright sunlight or after sunset. Operators can also invest in IK10-rated outdoor display solutions. Tempered cover glass protects the screen against vandalism and debris, unlike unprotected static signage. 

Quick Service Restaurants

Often, quick service restaurants (QSRs) will opt for digital signage for menu boards placed in drive-thrus or inside the restaurant. These types of displays allow operators to easily adapt menu offerings, including seasonal items, price changes, and availability. Outdoor digital displays allow customers to easily read menu items no matter the weather. Solutions with an IP rating of 66 or higher ensure they will be waterproof and weatherproof when rain, snow, or other outdoor factors come into play, maintaining a high-quality customer experience year-round.

Shopping Centers

There are several ways digital signage can be used in shopping center locations. Whether it's integrating digital kiosks to operate as directory signage, digital displays used for eye-catching advertising, or in-store retail displays to showcase product offerings and sales, it’s likely you will experience at least one piece of digital signage. Ensuring the resolution of the screen has LED backlight and full HD 1080p resolution makes sure consumers always get a crisp picture, even in crowded, hectic places like malls. 


According to, 55% of people recall seeing a specific message on an outdoor digital billboard. This effectiveness is why the popularity of digital billboards on busy roads and highways continues to rise. It’s likely the average driver will see several billboards throughout their commute without even realizing it. Digital billboards allow multiple advertisements to be viewed on a single display and also guarantees a bright, crisp picture whether viewed in sunlight or at night.  

Corporate and Medical Offices

Buildings such as workplaces and doctors' offices often implement digital signage in entrances, hallways, and waiting areas to share information with visitors. Some may display the weather, a calendar, event schedules, weekly updates, or other timely information that can be viewed in a quick glance when passing by. Opting for digital signage in these environments provides adaptability and the opportunity to display several types of messages all within the span of a few minutes. It also adds a modernized touch, unlike static signage, which may not be as eye-catching or readily updated.

Digital signage is a versatile tool that can be used and implemented in many different locations! Next time you are out and about, you may start to notice just how many purposes digital signage can serve.

Megan Zeller

By Megan Zeller

As Senior Director of Business Development, Megan Zeller leads Peerless-AV’s dvLED video wall systems, integrated kiosks, and outdoor AV sales initiatives in the hospitality and gaming verticals. In this role, she is responsible for helping her clients develop brand standards that are representative of the specific style and quality of the company.