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How Digital Signage Can Increase Success During the Holiday Season

Posted on Friday, November 3, 2023
How Digital Signage Can Increase Success During the Holiday Season

The holidays are right around the corner, and many businesses are preparing for their busiest time of the year! With the help of digital signage, retailers and businesses can keep their shoppers informed of their product prices, unique offerings, rewards, and more in order to maximize a high return on investment. Learn more about our top tips that are sure to capture the attention of shoppers this holiday season.

Content Quality

Standing out among the immense crowd of shoppers and other retailers is extremely important. Digital signage can capture the attention of passersby with dynamic, eye-catching visuals and messages. Bright, vibrant displays can help your business stand out among the holiday decorations and lights.

Once you have the shopper's attention, creating a fun and engaging experience through creative messaging, QR codes, or other experiential components will help your brand gain business. It is recommended to use clear and concise messaging to ensure potential shoppers are aware of your store's discounts, offers, and more. 

Consider Placement

The placement of a store's digital signage is key, especially around the holidays! When considering the placement of your business's digital signage, take into consideration the typical foot traffic and patterns of customers. These factors will help you predict the ideal spots for promo codes, product updates, and more.

The placement of digital signage can also influence customer behavior. Placing signage near a point of sale can encourage impulse purchases, while signs near entrances can create the first impression you want customers to have. Additionally, digital signage should be harmonious with its surroundings. Having a placement that blends too well or stands out too much could be missed entirely or detract from the overall message.

Cohesive Content

Customizing digital signage content to align with your brand and the holiday season helps create a cohesive and festive brand image that resonates with customers. By also aligning digital signage content and messaging with the brand's current marketing tactics, such as the website, social media platforms, and advertisements, shoppers will get a consistent experience online and in-store. 

Condition of Your Digital Signage

To keep customers safe ahead of the holiday season, retailers must ensure their signage is in top shape. If your business is planning on installing new signage, take the time to thoroughly research different factors, such as mounts, mount placement, and any wall imperfections. For brands sticking with their current digital signage setup, we recommend testing all aspects of the signage to prevent unforeseen setbacks or potential injuries to customers or store employees.

Digital signage is a powerful tool for increasing success during the holiday season, whether you are a retailer, a restaurant owner, or any other business looking to capitalize on the festive season. It's a great way for your brand can make the most out of the holiday season this year. Don't wait, upgrade today! 

Megan Zeller, Sr Director of Business Development, Peerless-AV

By Megan Zeller, Sr Director of Business Development, Peerless-AV

As Sr. Director of Business Development, Megan Zeller leads Peerless-AV’s dvLED video wall systems, integrated kiosks, and outdoor AV sales initiatives in the hospitality and gaming verticals. In this role, she is responsible for helping her clients develop brand standards that are representative of the specific style and quality of the company.