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Hillman AV & Regina Humane Society - Advancing Animal Welfare Through Digital Innovation

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Hillman AV & Regina Humane Society - Advancing Animal Welfare Through Digital Innovation
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Enhancing Visitor Experience with Samsung Technology

In their groundbreaking collaboration, The Regina Humane Society (RHS), 1080 Architecture and Hillman AV took the integration of audiovisual technology within the new Animal Community Centre to the next level, incorporating a range of commercial displays from Samsung. Hillman AV worked closely with Samsung to specify the best products for each application, ensuring that the technology would not only meet but exceed the RHS's needs for their state-of-the-art facility aimed at animal welfare and community engagement.

Samsung Commercial Displays

Hillman AV provided and installed Samsung commercial displays throughout the facility, serving a variety of purposes from delivering community information to showcasing retail menus. These displays are strategically placed to maximize visitor engagement and provide essential information effortlessly.


·        Samsung QB50B

·        Samsung QB55R

·        Samsung QB75R

·        Chief XTM1U

·        Chief MTM1U


The Atrium’s Samsung DvLED Video Wall

The installation of a large Samsung DvLED Video Wall in the centre's atrium creates a stunning focal point. This versatile display is used to present vivid visuals, host dynamic presentations, and cater to a wide range of the RHS's content needs. Its prominent placement ensures maximum visibility, making it an essential tool for communication and engagement within the community hub.


·        Samsung LH025IEACLS/GO

·        Samsung SBB-SNOWRAF/ZA


Interactive Displays for Pet Suites

In a move to enhance the adoption process, Hillman AV integrated multiple Samsung Commercial Interactive Displays outside each pet suite. These displays are connected to the RHS's adoption software, offering visitors detailed information about the animals hosted in each suite. By featuring the profiles of the resident animals, these interactive displays allow visitors to learn more about potential adoptees in an engaging and informative way.


·        Samsung QB13R-T

·        Multibrackets M Pro Series Enclosure


Impact of Digital Signage on Animal Welfare and Adoption

The strategic use of Samsung's advanced commercial and interactive displays by Hillman AV has significantly enriched the visitor experience at the RHS's new Animal Community Centre. The digital signage solutions facilitate a deeper connection between the community and the animals, promoting awareness, education, and ultimately, increasing the rate of successful adoptions.


·        Samsung MagicINFO

This project exemplifies Hillman AV's ability to apply the power of audiovisual technology to foster meaningful interactions between animals and the community. By leveraging cutting-edge solutions from Samsung, Hillman AV has not only met but exceeded the RHS's objectives, setting a new benchmark for technological integration in animal welfare facilities.

The success of this project underscores the effectiveness of Hillman AV's approach to audiovisual solutions, combining innovation, efficiency, and a deep commitment to client goals to achieve remarkable outcomes that benefit both animals and the community at large.