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Broadway Comes to Bristol Truman High School Auditorium

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Broadway Comes to Bristol Truman High School Auditorium
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Visual Sound received a request from Bristol Township School District to upgrade the audio and video systems in the Truman High School auditorium as part of a complete renovation project which included all AV, seating, lighting, and stage rigging. Bristol had formed a relationship with Music Theatre International, allowing Truman to pilot and premier several shows over the years-something that only about five schools in the country have the opportunity to do. The theater department at Truman premiered Rocky for the first time in the world since the musical’s Broadway run in 2014, in addition to Les Misérables, Rent, Spring Awakening, Honeymoon in Vegas, and Kinky Boots. The program was also the basis for the 2018 TV drama Rise on NBC.

Visual Sound proposed the design, fabrication, and installation of:

·        Projection systems – one for presentation and one for scenery

·        A simple video distribution system with three inputs and two outputs

·        A Dante audio network

·        The ability to run the audio system in an automatic or manual operation mode

·        Large wireless microphone channel count for large performances

·        An easily operated control system interface


The Solution:

The renovation initially proved to be a challenge acoustically in such a large space with reflective wooden surfaces. The audio challenge was to find an economical way to move a lot of air, high SPL, and keep the energy aimed at the seated audience target rather than the walls. Visual Sound engineering selected two powered beam-steering line array loudspeakers, and two powered 18” subwoofers on each side of the stage in a subwoofer/satellite configuration.

There are three video source connections in the auditorium. One input plate on each side of stage, and one in the control booth. These run through a matrix switcher, feeding two high brightness projectors. One projector is registered to a 228” diagonal tab-tension projection screen suspended above the stage and is utilized for presentations. The other projector was mounted above the stage to project on a new cyclorama mounted at the rear wall of the stage. This projector is being used to create scenery backgrounds. Previously, the district had been renting a projector for each production. Permanently installing the scenery projector paid for itself after one production, for an immediate ROI.

The existing wireless microphones and antenna distribution systems were augmented, giving the end user the ability to use any combination of body pack and handheld transmitters. The wireless microphone receivers are connected to three rack mounted 16 in / 8 out audio interface stage boxes with Dante to simplify wiring. A fourth audio interface is not rack mounted and can be connected on stage in one of two locations and will be used as a digital audio snake adding 16 audio input and 8 audio output to the stage. The mixing board will be used during performances when an operator manually mixes the audio. The DSP will be used for presentations with no operator.



The new system gives the school a space that can be used for large performances requiring many microphones for a whole cast, and the ability for an operator to manually control all aspects of the audio. The system will also be able to be used for assemblies where an operator is not needed, and the audio will be mostly automated. The presentation video can be routed to three different locations in the space with up to two sources showing at a time. This is all controlled with a simple user interface.



Featured Products:

Epson | Pro L1755U                               High brightness projectors

Liberty | Video Distribution                 HDMI signal extenders and matrix switcher

Extron | HDMI over Twisted Pair       HDMI signal extenders

Sennheiser | EW-D                                Wireless microphones

Yamaha | TIO 1608-D2                          Rack Mounted audio I/O interface – analog audio to Dante

Allen & Heath | SQ-7                             Manual Digital Mixing board with Dante interface

Biamp | TesiraFORTE DAN CI              Dante enabled audio digital signal processor

Renkus-Heinz | ICC12/3                       Dante enabled powered beam-steering array speaker

Yamaha | DXS18XLF                               Dante enabled powered 18” sub-woofer

Netgear | GS Series                                Dedicated audio visual network

Crestron | VC-4-ROOM                         Control System Processors with a rack mount touch panel