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Gary Kayye extols the virtues of ClickShare in Q&A with Barco
Posted on Wednesday, September 23, 2015
Gary Kayye at Almo

Recently, I sat down with Gary Kayye, founder of rAVe Publications and one of the most prominent personalities in the AV industry, to discuss his experience with ClickShare since its inception 3+ years ago. He shares his thoughts on why it's been such a huge success, what makes it unique in the market, and where meeting room collaboration is headed in the future.


You’ve been an enthusiastic fan of ClickShare since its inception more than three years ago. How did you first become acquainted with our “one-click wonder,” and was it love at first sight?

Gary Kayye
I was invited to a private showing of ClickShare a few months before it was officially launched at ISE in the Netherlands, back in 2011. I was amazed at how much functionality it had, way beyond what I thought was possible back then. The ability to send content wirelessly, collaborate with multiple screens…it was way ahead of its time. And, it worked! At that moment, I knew that Barco was really onto something.

What was the top feature that stood out to you at the time?

Gary Kayye
Well, what was and still is the most important and valuable feature is its simplicity. The button concept is great, it’s almost too simple! ClickShare is truly “plug and play,” a term which has been overused and wrongly applied to many technologies promising ease of use that don’t deliver. But ClickShare really exemplifies this concept. And, while most other types of presentation systems out there require software, ClickShare is totally self-contained. You know, our industry is reputed to be incapable of developing and selling software, so this difference is really key. 

As a major speaker in the AV industry, how has ClickShare helped you in delivering your presentations? 

Gary Kayye
ClickShare allows me to be mobile and work the room when I’m doing a speech or lecture, which is really important to me. I can create a home base for it anywhere and share content from any location in the room. Conversely, most presentation systems on the market are fairly complex, requiring IT support to install hardware and software, and connect to the company network. 

With ClickShare, I don’t have to worry about network problems, because it has its own built-in network. Barco keeps adding functionality, like AirPlay for full iOS mirroring, to make it a truly inclusive technology.
Has there been interest from attendees in learning more about ClickShare following your presentations? If yes, tell us about one?

Gary Kayye
Yes! Actually, about a year ago, I was presenting at an ALMO ProAV event and I was making a presentation about how wireless AV was going to change the way we share stuff and that everything should be as easy as ClickShare. An attendee told me that he thought it was all hype and that it wasn’t as easy to connect as I was making it out to be. So, I handed him a button and within 10 seconds, his screen replaced mine on the big-screen. He said, out loud, “I stand corrected.”

Over the last 3 years, what significant changes/improvements/demands have you seen made when it comes to collaboration within the AV industry?

Gary Kayye
Cross platform connectivity is really the big one, but also adding things like audio and faster frame rates for video really takes content sharing to another level. The ability to connect with any device – laptop, desktop, tablet, smartphone - and start sharing via the app is also critical. Oh, and having two price points, an entry-level for small business users and a high-level for larger companies, universities, etc., makes it accessible for everyone. 

Where do you see ClickShare having the most impact in the future? Any unique market(s) or industries?

Gary Kayye
The next biggest thing is 4K, but not for the reason you might think – it’s not just about achieving higher resolution. The real benefit is that you can creative a digital canvas that allows you to show native content in many different resolutions so that it looks the same in a side-by-side presentation. 

Another area of opportunity is packaging ClickShare for mobile presenters like educators, keynote speakers, traveling lecturers, emphasizing the portability of the product. I would make it USB powered and bundled with the right accessories to make it a truly mobile package.

Integrating ClickShare technology into the display itself is the next frontier. Barco could license the technology to third-party display manufacturers who could design it into their products as a turnkey solution.
Any final thoughts?

Gary Kayye
Um, well, Barco invented the category - so they have the best opportunity for capitalizing on the market. There are others that have come onto the market, but, so far, ClickShare still has the simplest form factor out there.

Gary KayyeGary Kayye, Founder of rAVe Publications
Gary Kayye is the founder of rAVe Publications, and one of the most prominent personalities in the audiovisual industry. He has been a contributor to WIRED and a technical advisor and columnist for Sound & Communications. In addition to his writing and market analysis, Gary has been a product, marketing and business operations consultant to dozens of AV companies in the U.S. and overseas. Gary has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of North Carolina and is currently Adjunct Faculty at its School of Journalism, teaching a class on how future technologies will affect the future of advertising, PR and marketing.