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QT X: Configure and Deploy

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QT X: Configure and Deploy

Event Information

This course will provide the knowledge necessary to save time and boost efficiency to successfully configure and deploy Biamp's Qt X sound masking solutions. Through various exercises you will analyze a set of specifications, determine the best approach to system deployment, and use the Qt X software application, web interface, or the controller's built-in front panel interface to enable working solutions.

Prerequisites: Biamp's online self-pace course: "Fundamentals of Speech Privacy & Sound Masking;" Experience with Biamp's Cambridge family of sound masking solutions.

Continuing Education: TBD.

Time to Complete: 5 hours.

After taking this course, you will be able to:

Deploy a simple design with a Qt X controller's front panel - no PC required.

Use the software and the Web UI to configure more complex designs.

Leverage the convenience and flexibility of Zones in Qt X.

Work with external audio sources for paging and background music.

Configure the correct topology option when placing Qt X on an IT network.


Hardware – Review the unique features of the Qt X controller family and how they interface with Biamp's emitter and loudspeaker options.

Web User Interface – See the basic requirements for accessing a Qt X controller's built-in webserver. Once connected, learn how to navigate the user interface hosted within the device.

Software Application – Build a project assignment from the ground up using the software. Then via a software simulation activity, deploy the system as if you were really there.

The Qt X Network - Learn how Qt X uses an IT network for both control and audio distribution.

Adjusting a system – Walk through an activity, making configuration changes based on customer requests.