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Dicentis and Integrus in credit at WCCU conference
Posted on Wednesday, June 26, 2024
Dicentis and Integrus in credit at WCCU conference

Simultaneous interpretation ensures seamless communication at World Credit Union Conference

June 26, 2024 - The World Credit Union Conference is a vital platform for advocating, networking, and developing services, fostering sustainable growth, championing financial inclusion, and advocating for the global credit union movement. With 3,800 attendees from a diverse range of countries the event prides itself on ensuring a seamless experience for everyone, regardless of language differences. This was achieved at the most recent edition thanks to the Dicentis simultaneous interpretation system.

Taking place in Vancouver, Canada, the conference served as a central platform for global collaboration, knowledge sharing, professional development, and advocacy within the credit union movement. To reach this goal, the World Council of Credit Unions (WCCU) turned to local Congress Rental Network (CRN) member Proshow Audiovisual to supply the AV equipment it would need. The solution needed to send simultaneous interpretation audio signals to pocket receivers and headphones via radiators utilizing proven, tamper-free infrared technology. This would allow participants to move freely around the location whilst still able to follow proceedings.

Challenging simultaneous interpretation needs

One of the main issues faced by the event was sourcing equipment in the right quantity for such a large gathering. “The customer faced a significant challenge in securing an adequate amount of simultaneous interpretation equipment, including booths, interpreter desks, audio processor and powering switches, pocket receivers, transmitters and radiators which were in high demand but limited in the region during the event period,” explains Gaspard Monge from Proshow Audiovisual. “As a CRN member, Proshow successfully addressed this challenge by tapping into the extensive resources available, ensuring the procurement of high-quality equipment within the client's budget constraints.”

Simultaneous interpretation was required for the plenary, breakout sessions and small meetings, with up to three interpretation booths in various rooms. This led to a solution that combined Dicentis and Integrus technology from Bosch Building Technologies to deploy 700 pocket receivers, 16 interpretation booths, 22 radiators, eight audio processors and powering switches, 34 interpreter desks, and a whispering system. These comprised four and eight channel digital IR Integrus transmitters with four channel Integrus pocket receivers as well as 12 W and 25 W Integrus IR digital radiators. At the other end of the signal chain were Bosch Conference systems including the Dicentis System with interpreter desks, audio processors and powering switches.

Powerful partnerships

Proshow Audiovisual joined the CRN to ensure that it could supply leading edge simultaneous interpretation solutions to events such as WCCU. “We strategically pursued a CRN partnership, understanding that it would significantly elevate our capacity to serve clients effectively,” explains Monge. “We leveraged our CRN membership to provide the WCCU with not only quality equipment and services but also competitive pricing, which played a pivotal role in securing the event. This affiliation empowers us with access to a wealth of knowledge and resources essential for executing projects of this nature, ensuring that our solutions meet and exceed client expectations.”

Proshow Audiovisual enlisted the support of fellow Canadian CRN member Duoson Multimedia. With the combined inventory of Dicentis and Integrus equipment, Proshow Audiovisual was able to deliver the world class equipment expected by the client. The result saw the entire simultaneous interpretation system operate smoothly throughout the conference, ensuring effective multilingual communication and a successful event.

Reflecting on the event, Monge is very happy with the response from the WCCU. “Their feedback at the conclusion of the conference spoke volumes. Expressing gratitude, they conveyed that our contribution played a pivotal role in ensuring the overall success of their largest conference to date,” he concludes.