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Environmental Controls : Shades & Window Coverings : Draper, Inc. - Phifer SheerWeave Infinity2 Shade Fabric
Draper, Inc. - Phifer SheerWeave Infinity2 Shade Fabric
Draper, Inc. - Phifer SheerWeave Infinity2 Shade Fabric Draper, Inc. - Phifer SheerWeave Infinity2 Shade Fabric

Phifer SheerWeave Infinity2 Shade Fabric

Series: Phifer SheerWaeve

Model: Phifer SheerWeave Infinity2 Shade Fabric

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Product Info

SheerWeave Infinity2 sun control fabrics are eco-friendly full basketweaves designed to meet the most stringent environmental design standards. Made with 100% recycled materials, the PVC-free shade fabrics are 100% recyclable and offer the same solar heat and glare control properties as traditional SheerWeave fabrics for conserving energy, harnessing natural light and maintaining indoor comfort levels. SheerWeave Infinity2 can be used with all Draper FlexShade products.

Window treatments that facilitate solar control by reducing solar heat gain are an integral solution for sustainable architecture. The daylighting strategy of a green building is made easy with custom shading which can both provide glare control shading and let in natural light.


Standard Widths: 63" and 98" (160cm and 248.9cm) Standard Roll Length: 30 Linear yards (27.4m) Composition: 100% TPO (Thermoplastic Olefin), 20% TPO fiber yarn/80% TPO coating on TPO yarn Mesh Weight: 14.63 oz/yd 2 (496.03 g/m 2) Fabric Thickness: .033 in (.838mm) Openness Factor Approximately 1% - 3% - 5% UV Blockage Approximately 99% - 97% - 95% Acoustical Value: NRC 0.20 / SAA 0.23

Colours & Finishes:

 Draper's  SheerWeave Infinity2 Shade Fabrics are available in three different Openness Factors (1% - 3% - 5%) as well as nine colors:

  • PG2 Almond
  • PG1 Cotton
  • PG3 Wheat
  • PG4 Stone
  • QG1 Barley
  • VG1 Nickel
  • VG2 Midnight
  • VG3 Bark
  • VG4 Slate


Draper Roller Shades are manufactured in the USA using primarily USA-woven fabrics from Phifer and Mermet, ensuring a simple and direct supply chain that gives Draper maximum control over fast deliveries and product availability.

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