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EvertzAV showcases IPMX-ready, 5G-enabled Gateways for Pro-AV over IP
Posted on Wednesday, January 18, 2023
EvertzAV showcases IPMX-ready, 5G-enabled Gateways for Pro-AV over IP

Burlington, Canada — January 18th, 2023: EvertzAV, a division of Evertz Technologies Ltd, the global leader in professional audio/video solutions will be showcasing its latest IP-based video and audio distribution technology at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 2023 show on stand 5E200 in Barcelona, Spain from January 31st to February 3rd. EvertzAV provides secure, reliable and scalable networked AV solutions for corporate, government, medical and educational applications with its MMA10G and NUCLEUS product lines.

At this year's ISE2023, EvertzAV will be showing its IPMX-ready MMA10G gateways. As a member of Alliance for IP Media Solutions (AIMS), EvertzAV has been actively implementing support for Internet Protocol Media Experience (IPMXTM) as a standards-based protocol for industry interoperability. The MMA10G is an end-to-end broadcast grade, network based distribution and routing technology for the ProAV market. Using 10GbE networking infrastructure, MMA10G delivers resilient, flexible, scalable, and zero latency solutions for media distribution over large campuses. With NIAP certification, EvertzAV' MMA10G is ideal for secure and mission critical 4K60 resolution distribution for medical, education, corporate, government and military applications. EvertzAV will also introduce at ISE 2023, the MMA10G-TRXS-5G as a wireless gateway using 5G networks to bring remote content to the MMA10G network. EvertzAV uses MAGNUM for software defined video networking with comprehensive orchestration, control and monitoring capabilities.

For enterprise class audio-video distribution over IP, EvertzAV provides NUCLEUS as a simplified all-in-one AV over IP distribution, presentation, collaboration, and control system. For ISE 2023, EvertzAV will be highlighting new features with the NUCLEUS Session Manager, including the new NUC-AV-X, a standalone session manager for simple point-to-point permanent connections without the need for a managed IP switch. Additional new features include new critical metrics and real-time email alerts provide unmatched network monitoring for a NUCLEUS system. The new NUCLEUS Remote extends the pro-AV network to private networks.

EvertzAV will also showcase the UXP family of AV gateways at ISE2023. The UXP gateways are software definable resources for NUCLEUS. The UXP gateways use profiles to define the gateways configuration which can be changed in real-time with no reboot required. The software definable feature provide the flexibility to adjust the NUCLEUS system while protecting the hardware investment. For corporate communications and live events, EvertzAV will be introducing BRAVO Studio and Studer Micro. BRAVO Studio is a cloud-based multi-camera suite of production tools that enable Fortune 500 corporations to produce live town halls, AGM, and product launches. BRAVO Studio enables small production teams to produce high quality events from anywhere. The Studer Micro can be used as part for BRAVO Studio for audio production/mixing or independently for professional podcasts or other audio-only programming.

Learn more about EvertzAV and our solutions for Pro-AV by visiting us at ISE 2023 from January 31st to February 3rd, 2023 at Stand 5E200.