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NTI Introduces the HDMI USB KVM Over IP Extender with Audio, RS232, and IR
Posted on Tuesday, August 20, 2013
NTI Introduces the HDMI USB KVM Over IP Extender with Audio, RS232, and IR
Aurora, OH: Network Technologies Inc (NTI) announces the addition of the XTENDEX® HDMI USB KVM Over IP Extender with Audio, RS232, and IR to its popular line of KVM products. The extender provides remote KVM access to a USB computer or HDMI source up to 330 feet over a Gigabit network using a single CAT5e/6 cable. 
The ST-IPUSBH-1G consists of a local unit that connects to a computer or HDMI source, and a remote unit that connects to a monitor, mouse, keyboard, speakers, microphone, and other USB devices. The local and remote units can be connected together for a Point-to-Point connection via CAT5e/6 cable or a Point-to-Many connection via a managed network switch. The distance between the transmitter and receiver can be up to 660 feet when using a managed network switch (330 feet on each side). 
The extender supports HDTV resolutions to 1080p and computer resolutions to 1920x1200 (WUXGA), is HDCP compliant, and can load individual EDID tables from monitors. Connect a mouse, keyboard, flashdrive, and/or Hard Disk Drive (HDD) to the four USB 2.0 ports on the receiver. The unit provides full Infrared Remote (IR) control of the HDMI source from the remote HDTV using the existing source remote control. Support for 2-way RS232 commands at a baud rate of 115200 enables flexible control of devices attached to the matrix. 
When using multiple transmitters and receivers via a managed network switch, identically configure dip switches on the local and remote units to link them together. Simply press and hold the USB button on a receiver for three seconds to gain USB control; only one unit can have USB control over the source at any time. For configurations that require greater distances, cascade the managed network switches to extend the distance between the transmitter and receiver. Up to 16 transmitters can be connected per individual network switch or between cascaded network switches.