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Power Distribution : Outlets : Snap One - WB-200-6RWT
Snap One - WB-200-6RWT
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WattBox Surge 6 Outlet Rotating Wall Tap with 3GHz DSS Coaxial Pair, Black

Model: WB-200-6RWT

  • Total outlets 6
  • 1 Isolated noise filter
  • 1200J Energy dissipation
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The WB-200-6RWT simply plugs into the existing outlet – plus it features 6 rotating outlets for easy access in tight spaces.This surge protector plugs right into your existing wall outlet so there’s no fussing around with mounting hardware. Want to lock it down to keep it in place? Use the single supplied screw to secure to the wall outlet – this is ideal for articulating mount installations where the TV is frequently moved. Speaking of behind TV installs – or behind furniture for that matter – the WB-200-6RWT comes in at a slim 1.5” deep to fit into those tight spaces. Need to connect bulky wall warts? The outlets swivel to face the front, moving them away from the wall and providing room to plug in an IR block, networking hardware or just about anything that uses one of those large power bricks. Not using a wall wart? Rotate the outlets against the wall to keep the wires as flat as possible – perfect when placing it behind a TV or furniture. Sensitive A/V equipment is negatively impacted by noisy appliances and other electronics that create interference on the AC line. All WattBox power conditioners feature noise filtration that cleans up this "dirty power" to deliver the purest A/V experience possible. By lowering the audio noise floor and reducing hum, you hear exactly what was intended. Video performance can see an improvement too - with reduced power-related artifacts on HD displays. Surges can come from a variety of sources - from fluctuations at the power company to catastrophic events such as lighting. This excess energy can damage your connected equipment if not properly protected. The Joule rating is a measure of a surge protector's ability to "clamp" this excess energy down to a safe level - the higher the rating, the more protection your equipment has. Not only can surges creep in on the power, but also on the coax cable, so connections are provided to protect that too. Today's sophisticated HD cable and satellite systems have higher bandwidth requirements than they did even a few years ago. High bandwidth, 3 GHz coax connections not only protect you against surge, but they deliver premium signal quality with less than 1 dB of attenuation. Pass-through voltage is supported for satellite systems.

  • Total outlets 6
  • 1 Isolated noise filter
  • 1200J Energy dissipation
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