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New YDM Series Dynamic Microphones - Extraordinarily Natural, Transparent Sound for Today’s Demanding Creators
Posted on Wednesday, May 22, 2024
New YDM Series Dynamic Microphones - Extraordinarily Natural, Transparent Sound for Today’s Demanding Creators

May 22, 2024, Shizuoka, Japan – Yamaha Corporation today announced the release of the YDM Series, a new line of dynamic microphones that draw on years of expertise and know-how in designing and manufacturing professional audio equipment. Housed in a sleek, curved metal body, the cardioid capsule has been carefully tuned to deliver clear and natural sound capture across a frequency response from 60 Hz to 18 kHz (YDM707).

The YDM Series incorporates a custom-designed cardioid capsule for precise capturing of the full range of expressive detail—from the quietest whispers to the most powerful shouts. This ensures that creators can faithfully convey their intended audio to listeners. Due to the inherent properties of the cardioid design, it naturally minimizes the pickup of ambient sounds, enhancing sound capture and making it ideal for home production and streaming, where controlling environmental noise is crucial.

Additionally, the capsule's insulator utilizes a proprietary Yamaha material, designed to minimize external vibrations that cause handling noise. This design allows creators to focus on their performance without distractions, while also providing listeners with a more comfortable listening experience.

Even the external design of the YDM Series embodies the sound-capturing qualities of the microphone as a musical instrument, incorporating curves reminiscent of the bell curve of brass instruments. The result is an elegant form that delivers true joy in ownership while also providing a comfortable grip.

"The YDM Series is designed for ambitious creators who want to capture sound more naturally and transparently to create high-quality content, and we hope they will choose to use this product," said Yoshiyuki Tsugawa, Senior General Manager at Yamaha Creator & Consumer Audio Division. "At Yamaha, we have amassed a wealth of experience and technical expertise through the development of numerous audio devices. These resources have been particularly valuable in enhancing the audio quality of the YDM series. Through extensive listening tests and precise capsule adjustments, we have achieved a product that meets our high standards. We are looking forward to hearing the content that creators develop with this product and seeing how it resonates deeply with their audiences."