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Barco UDX 30K adds to the fun at the Elrow Town festival

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Barco UDX 30K adds to the fun at the Elrow Town festival
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Elrow Town is a two-day festival where eccentricity and uninhabited extravagance is brought to life with giant inflatables, mad puppets, explosions of confetti, pumping dance tracks and a line-up of DJs that will leave your ears in ecstasy. How do you top this? By adding to the fun-filled mayhem with eye-catching color and explicit detail as part of a jaw-dropping projection-mapping spectacular!

With a background in the rave and party scene, CPL were the perfect choice for bringing 3D-mapping experience to Elrow Town. Mike Radford, Project Manager at CPL, knew exactly what he needed from his projection system—and knew he would find it in the Barco range.

“We used two pairs of Barco UDX 30K projectors, the largest in our inventory at CPL. With 120,000 lumens, we knew they would be bright, with crisp, sharp images and rich colors the audience would love,” said Radford. “But this wasn’t the only challenge we were facing.”

The biggest challenge – quite literally – was posed by the multiple-surface canvas that would be used for the projection mapping. The backdrop was 12 meters tall and an incredible 30 meters wide. It was not flat, but a three-dimensional area that included hexagons, stars and other geometric shapes. This meant the Barco UDX 30K projectors would need to broadcast with pinpoint accuracy … And do it from a distance of 70 meters.

Despite having used the UDX 30K projectors on only three other occasions, Radford had complete faith in the Barco technology. Nonetheless, he still found the effect impressive. 

“The results were completely stunning,” exclaimed Radford. “We had animated images that exploded into bright, colorful action when darkness fell, actually ramping the atmosphere in the crowd up to peak frenzy right before the headlining acts. The projections revitalized everyone at the end of a sizzling summer day. It was simply perfect.”