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Optoma once again captivates audiences with the world's largest holographic cinema experience

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Optoma once again captivates audiences with the world's largest holographic cinema experience
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The Amneville Zoo in France previously staged a tiger show in a multi-purpose hall with a capacity of up to 2,000 spectators. With the tiger show coming to an end, a replacement show without live animals was needed.

After much deliberation about potential replacement shows, such as concerts or corporate events, Dominik Zwerger, Managing Director of Prudentia Capital and owner of Amneville Zoo, became aware of hologram technology. Zwerger contacted the German market leader in the field of holography, Bluebox and began working on plans to create the largest hologram cinema in the world to be showcased at Amneville Zoo in France.

Zwerger explained: “We were looking for new solutions for the Amneville Zoo to make the zoo more modern. We found the project with holography extremely exciting and we are very happy that we worked with the best companies - Bluebox and Extended and with their partner Optoma.”


Bluebox and Extended are market leaders in the field of holography. They take on both the production of holographic content and the planning and installation of the hardware. Most recently, Bluebox created one of the world's most popular attractions at the Roncali Circus with Optoma. The hologram circus show went viral and has accumulated millions of online views across various media platforms, making it one of the most famous holograms worldwide.

Following a very positive experience working with Optoma projectors, Bluebox selected Optoma projectors as the best suited for the installation. The hologram cinema was installed in the multi-purpose hall at the Amneville Zoo, where the tiger show previously took place. The installation included a 478.4 square yard 3D cave with over 24 Optoma ZH406 DuraCore laser projectors and a 98.4 x 32.8 foot holoscreen. Animals are presented in their natural environment to give visitors the feeling of how the animals really live in the wild. For the holography, 10 Optoma ZU1050 DuraCore laser projectors were installed – each with a brightness of 10,000 lumens. The ZU1050 interchangeable lens projectors also feature WUXGA resolution.

"We quickly put a team together to build the structure and stretch the net for the 478.4 square yard projection on the back wall. The project required a team of 25 people at the height of the set-up and it took four weeks to complete. We were very well supported by the zoo with the content. The highly trained staff explained how the animals actually move and offered advice so we could always rely on the zoo when it came to implementation. That made it much easier and a really enjoyable project to work on.” Jan Hendrik Berger, Managing Director of Extended

10 Optoma ZU1050 with a brightness of 10,000 lumens, WUXGA resolution and interchangeable lenses were used for the show. For the cave, which covers the rear part of the holography projection, 20 smaller Optoma ZH406 laser projectors with 4000 lumens were used.


Creating the largest hologram cinema show in the world is something to be proud of. The show has become a big attraction for visitors to the Amneville Zoo and catapulted it into the digital age. Optoma's ZU1050 and ZH406 projectors digitise the tiger show and delight the audience with grandiose holographic effects of the highest quality.

“Due to the positive experience with the first project at Roncali Circus, our partner decided to use our projectors again and the result is really fascinating. We cordially invite you to see it for yourself at the Amneville Zoo in France.” Artur Demurchyan Account Manager Optoma Deutschland GmbH

The Managing Director of Prudentia Capital and owner of the Amneville Zoo, Dominik Zwerger is also enthusiastic about the largest holography show in the world: "We think the show will absolutely inspire the audience. It takes the zoo a lot further and helps us to lead the zoo into the digital age. We are working on more ideas to bring the audience regularly with more shows.”