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ISE 2023 Recap
Posted on Friday, March 3, 2023
ISE 2023 Recap

March 3, 2023 - ISE 2023, a premier global event for AV and systems integration technology, gathered exhibitors from around the world to showcase the latest advancements in the industry. The event set a new attendance record, attracting 58,107 unique attendees from 155 countries. Over 1,052 exhibitors participated, presenting cutting-edge technologies, such as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and artificial intelligence (AI).

Among the top exhibitors, BZBGEAR earned a prominent position, ranking #9 out of 1,052 exhibitors. BZBGEAR's exceptional performance during the event earned them the title of featured exhibitor. The company's exhibitor page on the ISE website recorded over 2,000 views and 170 clicks, showcasing the high level of interest generated by innovative products and services.

The BZBGEAR Experience at ISE

BZBGEAR made a splash at ISE 2023, showcasing their cutting-edge 8K product line and award-winning BG-ADAMO-4K and BG-ADAMO-JR. The BZBGEAR booth was an interactive wonderland, with hands-on product displays and a gaming station that allowed visitors to experience the immersive and responsive capabilities of 8K video distribution.

The BG-ADAMO series was a standout, featuring seamless AI auto-tracking that left visitors in awe of its accuracy and speed. Even when attempting to lose the camera, the AI tracking kept up with their movements.

The BZBGEAR team also collaborated with partners HDBaseT, NDI, and Audinate, offering insightful interviews and overviews that showcased their joint commitment to delivering the latest AV and systems integration technologies to the market.

Overall, BZBGEAR's impactful presence at ISE 2023 demonstrated dedication to advancing AV technology and provided a global audience with a glimpse of the latest products and services in the field.

Award-Winning Products

BZBGEAR's impressive products at ISE 2023 have garnered three awards, showcasing excellence in audiovisual technology. The first award received was the Top New Technology award for the BG-8K-88MA, an 8x8 8K matrix switcher/scaler. 

More about the BG-8K-88MA: The BG-8K-88MA allows users to manage, control, and route eight HDMI 2.1 sources and eight 8K displays from one device. You can learn more about the BG-8K-88MA here. 

The second award, Best of Show by Tech and Learning Magazine, was presented to the BG-ADAMO-JR. The BG-ADAMO-JR is a 1080p version of the BG-ADAMO-4K. Future publications contracted AV industry experts to evaluate products submitted by manufacturers exhibiting at ISE 2023 for the Best of Show awards. The BG-ADAMO-JR, although new, was one of the products that stood out to the board of judges. 

More about the BG-ADAMO-JR: The BG-ADAMO-JR outputs 1080p@60Hz and supports HDMI, 3G-SDI, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, and LAN. It sports LED tally lights, a microSDXC card writer with 1 TB capacity, and Power over Ethernet (PoE). 

The BG-ADAMO-JR offers three lens options: 12X optical zoom, 70.3 FOV; 20X optical zoom, 60.04 FOV; and 30X optical zoom, 58.1 FOV. Additionally, it has smooth PTZ functions and advanced image processing. The BG-ADAMO-JR will also be available with NDI|X3 and Dante AV-H for network-based production. You can learn more about the BG-ADAMO-JR here.

The third award received was the Best of Show award from AVTechnology Magazine. The BG-ADAMO-4K won this award, adding to its impressive list of accolades! The BG-ADAMO-4K is now a four-time award winner, cementing its position as one of the most prized PTZ cameras in the industry.

These awards represent BZBGEAR's commitment to innovation and excellence in audiovisual technology. The company continues to push the boundaries of what is possible, delivering cutting-edge and reliable products. With an impressive lineup of award-winning products, BZBGEAR is well-positioned to continue leading the way in the commercial and residential A/V industries.

Final Thoughts

Without a doubt, BZBGEAR had a tremendous achievement at Integrated Systems Europe 2023, surpassing the team's initial expectations. This being our second exhibition in Europe, the overwhelming support we received from attendees and industry professionals further reinforced our confidence in the potential of BZBGEAR products in the EMEA region. We are thrilled by the success and momentum gained and look forward to continuing to make an impact in the market.

By Trevon Martin