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Laser projectors light up historic watchtower
Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2023
Laser projectors light up historic watchtower

Photos courtesy of Jianye Display

YULIN, China – Christie® is pleased to announce that its GS Series 1DLP® laser projection systems are used to deliver spectacular visuals on the façade wall of Zhenbeitai Tower, the largest watchtower along the Great Wall of China.

Situated on the peak of Hongshan Mountain in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, Zhenbeitai Tower is widely regarded as one of the three "Great Wonders of the Great Wall" along with Shanhaiguan and Jiayuguan, owing to its strategic location and military significance. Standing at 30 meters (100 feet) in height and consisting of four levels, this lookout post was constructed in 1607 during the Ming Dynasty. It originally functioned as an observation site for maintaining order in the locality where the Han and Mongolian people conducted business transactions.

In a move to showcase the artistic charm of Zhenbeitai Tower and create a festive atmosphere during Lunar New Year, the Yulin Municipal Government initiated a large-scale projection mapping show on the facade wall of the famed watchtower, allowing local residents and tourists to experience an unprecedented nighttime spectacle. Christie's trusted partner, Jianye Display, was engaged to deliver this ambitious show, and a total of seven Christie DWU1100-GS 1DLP® laser projectors were deployed to display bright and vibrant images on the tower's façade wall.

"The Christie DWU1100-GS laser projector, with a brightness of 11,850 lumens, has been instrumental in bringing the ancient Zhenbeitai Tower to life with this mesmerizing light show," said Zhongliang Li, technical director, Jianye Display. "Their exceptional brightness and image quality have transformed the facade wall into a captivating canvas, immersing viewers in the rich history and grandeur of the Great Wall. We are proud to have delivered this unforgettable experience, allowing visitors to witness the magic of Zhenbeitai Tower like never before."

The DWU1100-GS projectors are double-stacked and housed in specialized weatherproof enclosures positioned about 100 meters (328 feet) away from the tower, ensuring that the projections are visible from a distance. The projected content, which measures 60 meters wide and 8 meters high (197 by 26 feet), outlines the magnificent history and cultural significance of this watchtower over its 400-year history, and how its existence has contributed to the peace and development of Yulin and the frontier regions. To further enhance the visual experience, a fleet of laser lights are deployed atop the walls of Zhenbeitai Tower to create a multi-dimensional and multi-layered experience that complements the awe-inspiring visuals displayed along this particular section of the Great Wall.

"We were blown away by the brightness and color accuracy of the DWU1100-GS projectors. The visually stunning content presented on the wall of this historic tower surpassed our expectations and delighted all stakeholders involved. We take great pride in the outcome and its remarkable impact on Zhenbeitai Tower's visual allure," Li added.

April Qin, senior sales director for China, Enterprise, Christie, commented, "The performance of our DWU1100-GS projectors has exceeded expectations, delivering a compelling visual experience to live audiences. With their outstanding brightness, color accuracy, and reliability, the GS Series has brought curated content to life, immersing visitors in a stunning and extraordinary visual spectacle. We're thrilled to have contributed to such a captivating event that will leave a lasting impression on all who witnessed it."

Featuring laser illumination, the GS Series laser projector eliminates the need for lamp and filter replacements, providing 20,000 hours of life. Its small footprint, light weight, quiet operation, full suite of lenses and 24/7 operation durability makes this projector ideal for live events, places of worship, conference halls and smaller location-based entertainment venues. Built-in Christie Twist™ allows users to seamlessly edge-blend and stack multiple projected images on any 2D or 3D surface and precisely control the geometry of each projector through an easy-to-use grid-point / mesh interface.