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New York Shared Workspace Company Brings Collaboration to Life

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New York Shared Workspace Company Brings Collaboration to Life
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Collaboration drives creativity in NeueHouse’s shared workspaces

With locations in Manhattan and Los Angeles, NeueHouse offers experiences, workspaces, personalized services and opportunities that foster new ideas and important associations. In that environment, most people don’t want to worry about logging into systems, setting up presentations and passing speaker control from one participant to another in order to share a document. They want to be able to share the conference information and have a dialogue with somebody as they would in a face-to-face meeting—a feat that's often easier said than done. ClickShare enables NeueHouse  to have seamlessly presentations across the board.

Creating clutter-free workspaces

To create the most productive workspaces, NeueHouse Chief Technology Officer Greg Harper creates clean and productive environments. That means they have no wires on the desks and the tables and are flexible enough to make content sharing easy in every conference room and special event space. Barco’s ClickShare provides an unobtrusive wireless format, easy-to-use interface and intuitive sharing capabilities making it a logical companion to these modern, minimalist spaces, aiding both form and function. ClickShare units are flexible to configure, seamlessly fostering the sharing and collaboration that are part of all creative business environments.

Simple, compatible, secure

Regardless of the technical expertise of the user, ClickShare is a great equalizer. Tech novices and experts are equally comfortable and can immediately meet and share—regardless of whether users are working on a Mac or PC. By eliminating time wasters such as configuring passwords, accessing Wi-Fi networks and connecting network cables, meetings run seamlessly and effectively. And since the data flows through a wireless connection between the button and the device, nothing has to go on the NeueHouse network, ensuring their network remains secure.

The simplicity, compatibility and security of ClickShare can pay off. Studies show nine in ten office workers experience technology-related stress in meetings, and 12% report their meeting room technology struggles actually lost business for their employer. So the simplicity of ClickShare delivers an immediate ROI.