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Laser projectors light up Buddha Jambudweep Park

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Laser projectors light up Buddha Jambudweep Park
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Buddha Jambudweep Park is a 17-acre theme park at Sanchi in Raisen District of the State of Madhya Pradesh, India. It is situated within the vicinity of Sanchi Stupa, one of the oldest Buddhist monuments in India and a well-known UNESCO World Heritage site. The Park was developed based on the life and preaching of Gautam Buddha and Emperor Ashoka, and features a museum showcasing various exhibits that proliferate Buddhist thoughts and philosophies of mindfulness, meditation and Zen.

Inaugurated in early 2021, Buddha Jambudweep Park, a winner of the 2021 Systems Integration India Awards, has since become a popular tourist attraction for its thought-provoking museum displays, recreational activities and a spellbinding light and sound show. The Park is the brainchild of Madhya Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation (MPTDC), which envisaged creating a world-class Buddhist theme park in Sanchi, a city synonymous with beautiful and sacred Buddhist Stupas – architectural wonders that have been the focus of interest and awe for global audiences.

To enable visitors to experience the glorious journey of Gautam Buddha in a high-tech way, MPTDC turned to Tricolor India Schauspiel, a renowned systems integrator in India specializing in architectural 3D projection mapping and son et lumière, to supply, install and commission audiovisual technologies in Buddha Jambudweep Park, as well as in the adjacent John Marshal House and cafeteria. These include the deployment of laser projectors, 3D holography, and interactive touch screen panels, as well as content development.

Garima Mishra, managing director, Tricolor India Schauspiel, explains, "This idea of setting up a contemporary museum rooted in Buddhist philosophy really appealed to us as this is the first ever Buddhist theme park in Sanchi – a city with a rich history, culture and heritage. We worked closely with Dronah Foundation, which served as consultant of this project, to make sure that the Buddhist ideologies are accurately presented. One of the key highlights after nightfall is the light and sound show using a water screen and we’re delighted to use Christie’s tried and tested laser projectors for this installation."

The preferred choice for outdoor projections

The water screen projections for the light and sound show, measuring 20 meters (65 feet) wide and 10 meters (33 feet) high, were achieved using the 20,600-lumen Christie D20WU-HS projector fitted with long throw lens. In addition, Buddhist quotes are displayed on a 5.6-square-meter (60 square foot) projection canvas using the Christie DWU630-GS projector equipped with Christie RealBlack™ technology that produces an incredible 4,000,000:1 full on/off contrast ratio. The projectors are housed in rugged Warrior enclosures with RDM so that their health can be constantly monitored and optimized for the best performance.

"The Christie D20WU-HS and DWU630-GS laser projectors are well suited for outdoor projection and they are our preferred choice due to their lumens output, color accuracy, form factor and installation versatility," says Garima. "The Christie projectors are true performers with low maintenance requirements, making them the perfect choice for high-use applications such as projection mapping shows and events."

Although Tricolor India Schauspiel has accomplished numerous large-scale projects that are praised for their quality in production and execution, Garima notes that Buddha Jambudweep Park is unlike conventional installs that are mostly focused on projection mapping.

"We were entrusted with the turnkey job of hardware supply, integration and content creation for a much broader spectrum of installs that included laser engraved displays, a holographic display on evolution of Stupas, an interactive touch screen and video wall on the spread of Buddhism in Asia, and much more," she says. "It was a real test of our experience and expertise in AV integration. I’m glad that we were able to complete and hand over the project in 180 days."

Satisfied client, happy visitors

Following the project’s completion, MPTDC advertised the destination, encouraged people to visit Sanchi to enjoy a truly immersive experience, and invited the Chief Minister of the State of Madhya Pradesh for an inauguration ceremony.

"This is a recognition of our work and we are grateful to be involved in creating this unique experience to visitors and pilgrims," enthuses Garima. "We are most proud of how it turned out to be a museum unlike a museum! It is right at the intersection of art, architecture and technology where no one component is overpowering the other, but are in complete harmony with each other. It is vibrant yet understated; it has all the history and philosophy yet imparted to visitors in an engaging, fun way."

Rishubh Nayar, sales director for India, Enterprise, Christie, notes, "MPTDC has set out to create a world-class facility centered around the tenets of Buddhism and it has successfully achieved this objective under the guidance of our longstanding partner Tricolor India Schauspiel. Garima and her team have delivered a fantastic job and we are heartened that the light and sound show featuring our HS and GS Series laser projectors are mesmerizing visitors, enriching their knowledge and understanding of Buddhist ideologies."