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2021 Absen Overseas Cases Collection
Posted on Saturday, February 12, 2022
2021 Absen Overseas Cases Collection

Feb. 12, 2022 - What can be changed in 20 years and what can be achieved in 20 years? From 2001 to 2021, all Absen people have been tiding over the waves and moving forward together. We have implemented 50,000+ cases worldwide, established 13 overseas and domestic companies, and spread our business to more than 130 countries and regions. We delivered a brilliant result to our staff and partners who have accompanied us all the way.

Next, let's review some of the brightest cases in 2021.

1. Foxwoods casino project in the United States

Foxwoods Casino, one of the top 10 casinos in the United States, used Absen's N Plus and K Plus series to increase the sense of visual atmosphere and bring better experience.

Introduction: The project was installed in the top ten casinos in the United States, using Abysen's N Plus and K Plus series products. The customer was very satisfied with the product display visual effect and service of Absen.

2. Arlington Independent School in the United States

The U.S. college performing arts center used Absen's A2738 series to create an immersive stage through a large ultra-high definition screen, which was widely praised by students and faculty.

Introduction: This project uses Absen's A2738 series, installed in the college performing arts center, which can perfectly display the immersive art performance.

3. British Catalyst Studio

The UK Catalyst studio used Absen's latest technology MiniLED series to create a professional-grade ultra-high definition stage display.

Introduction: This project used Absen's latest technology MiniLED A1.5 sereis. The high definition and realistic color of the display won the customer's praise.

4. The UEFA Champions League group draw ceremony for the 2021-2022 season

At the site of the UEFA Champions League group draw ceremony, one of the most influential events in soccer, Absen's  PL series brought creativity and passion to the signing ceremony, perfectly demonstrating the charm of soccer.

Introduction: This year's draw ceremony was selected in Istanbul, Turkey. The event used Absen's PL2.9 series, and the live visual effect was stunning.

5. Turkey TRT TV

Turkey's most authoritative and influential TV station, TRT National TV adopted Absen's HC PRO series to create a modern TV station with 4K UHD display.

Introduction: TRT TV is the national TV station in Turkey, with 18 TV channels and 54 radio channels, which has the most authoritative influence in the region. This project adopted Absen's top-end HC1.2 pro dual backup series, which perfectly meet the requirements of high-end TV stations.

6. VPX Studio Virtual Studio

Absen is actively laying out the future display technology. We created the first film shooting studio in Eastern Europe. The perfect combination of canopy screen and curved screen creates an immersive shooting environment with a great sense of scene.

Introduction: Located in Bucharest, Romania, this virtual studio is the first film shooting studio in the Eastern European market, using PL2.5 Pro. The studio has been widely noticed by the market since its launch, and the color accuracy and picture performance of PL2.5 Pro fully demonstrates the unique role of LED display in the studio, which quickly attracts advertising and film production projects, and is our benchmark project in the Eastern European virtual photography.

7. Subway&Bus stataion

At the São Paulo station, an important transportation hub in Brazil, 200 digital signs created by Absen's star commercial display series delivered a wide variety of high-impact messages to passengers.

Introduction: An advertising company in Brazil installed 200 LED digital signs, using Absen indoor KL3 and KL3.9, in the most crowded traffic area of São Paulo. The customer was very satisfied with the visual effect and resolution.

8. Falabella Flagship Store, Santiago, Chile

In the largest shopping center in South America and the largest flagship store of the Falabella Group, Absen created a remarkable three-sided screen that became the new landmark of the Chilean capital.

Brief: The project used N2Plus to create a three-sided screen, and K3plus and KL2.5 in the interior of the mall, making it the new landmark of the Chilean capital.

9. Katameya Down Town mall, Egypt

The large shopping mall in Katameya, Egypt, installed Ab sen 's outdoor curved screen to bring a splash of color to the new Cairo.

Introduction: The mall is located in Katameya, a large commercial shopping street in New Cairo. The project used Absen's star product A1099, which contributed to the construction of New Cairo with professional services and perfect products.

20 years is a milestone, but also a new starting point.

In the future, we will start a new journey of together with great waves!