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Elevate your soundscape with SYNSONA
Posted on Wednesday, January 31, 2024
Elevate your soundscape with SYNSONA

Jan. 31, 2024 - SYNSONA, a new commercial audio electronics family from Bosch, is expanding with the introduction of the PRM-2P600 amplifier. The SYNSONA family, which also includes the larger PRM-4P600 model, is designed to deliver enhanced sound quality and control for background music and announcements, combining top-tier features with installation flexibility, environmentally responsible energy use and intuitive operation.

The PRM-2P600 two-channel model offers a 600-watt output capacity in an ultra-compact format. Ideal for background music and public announcements in small to mid-sized installations, the amplifier features exceptional versatility, top-notch power efficiency, and robust, reliable performance. Measuring only one rack unit in height and half a rack in width, it offers a multitude of installation options wherever space is limited, and shares the same sophisticated Dynacord amplifier technologies as its four-channel counterpart, the PRM-4P600. powerTANK technology allows for adaptable power allocation, while ecoRAIL significantly reduces power consumption. APD (Auto Power Down) and dualCOOL ensure energy-efficient and uninterrupted operation, with PFC (Power Factor Correction) maintaining consistent performance under demanding conditions.

The PRM-2P600 is the optimal solution for everyone looking for an ultra-compact, reliable and resource-efficient amplifier with many flexible installation options – all at a very attractive price point.



The PRM-4P600 is a 600-watt four-channel amplifier with powerTANK technology that flexibly delivers the total power over its four channels. The PRM-4P600 can drive Hi-Z as well as Lo-Z loads, occupies only 1RU of rack space and requires minimal ventilation space. Designed as a convection-cooled power amplifier, the device operates silently, making it also suitable for quiet environments. A complete package of protection circuitry with sophisticated limiters protects the amplifier and the connected loudspeakers from damage.


The new PRM-2P600 two-channel amplifier combines the same features and Bosch technologies found as its four-channel sibling model. At just a single rack unit high and half a rack width wide, the PRM-2P600 presents a multitude of installation options wherever space is limited. The included brackets facilitate single or dual rack-mounting, as well as unobtrusive installation in tighter spaces, such as under counters. When rack-mounted side by side, two amplifiers fit in a single rack unit, efficiently utilizing space and doubling the channel count and output power.

Features and benefits

  • Multi-channel amplifiers with a total powerTANK capacity of 600 watts. powerTANK technology provides next-level flexibility to suit your installation, working like a power reservoir to deliver asymmetric power to each amplifier channel
  • Variable Load Drive (VLD) provides the same power into 4 Ω, 8 Ω, 70 V or 100 V
  • Overall power consumption can be significantly reduced by ecoRAIL technology and APD (Auto Power Down) while always maintaining highest performance
  • dualCOOL provides convection cooling with an additional intelligent fan in case of extreme thermal conditions