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Korean Broadcasting System relies on RTS for multi-location IP-networked intercom upgrade
Posted on Tuesday, December 5, 2023
Korean Broadcasting System relies on RTS for multi-location IP-networked intercom upgrade

Seoul, South Korea, Dec 2023 – Headquartered in Yeouido, Seoul, the Korean Broadcasting System (KBS) is the national broadcaster of South Korea. KBS recently underwent large-scale renovations to its communications infrastructure, including an extensive installation of RTS intercom solutions to implement a 100% IP-networked connection between 12 of its broadcast locations around the country.

The system utilizes the uniquely powerful and flexible OMNEO IP technology for audio transmission and control. With full support for Dante, OCA, ST 2110 and AES67/70, OMNEO provides users with the seamless interoperability and scalability to interface with thousands of other devices throughout their network.

The RTS equipment list includes an ADAM full-size modular matrix at the heart of the system, equipped with OMI OMNEO matrix interface cards. A pair of TM-10K trunkmasters serve as central nodes in the system, leveraging another unique RTS technology – RTS Trunking – to optimize connectivity between/via intercom matrices at the various other locations, effectively creating a single virtual working location. 77 RTS keypanels and 47 OEI-2 OMNEO external interfaces complete this mega-installation of RTS hardware; 18 VLink virtual matrix software licenses allow remote access to the system.

Hyudo Kwon of KBS and Taewan Kim of system integrator Hyundai AutoEver worked with RTS key dealer BEEx Korea and Donggyu Lee and Edward Lim of RTS to ensure the project’s success.

Equipment list:

  • 1x ADAM full-size modular matrix intercom
  • 8x OMI-64 OMNEO Matrix Interface card – 64 ports
  • 9x OMI-16 OMNEO Matrix Interface card – 16 ports
  • 2x TM-10K Gen 2 high-capacity trunkmaster
  • 77x keypanels (KP-5032 / KP-4016 / DKP-4016)
  • 47x OEI-2 OMNEO external interface 2
  • 18x VLink virtual matrix software license