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Viditech Broadcast Facilities relies on RTS/TELEX in new OB truck
Posted on Thursday, October 27, 2011
Viditech Broadcast Facilities relies on RTS/TELEX in new OB truck
Viditech Broadcast Facilities has been among the most in-demand broadcasting service providers in the Netherlands since 1990. To ensure it continues to exceed the expectations of its customers, the company, a member of the Facility House group, recently invested in a new outside broadcast vehicle: OBV5. The new truck, which is designed to serve up to 12 cameras, will be used primarily for television productions, including sporting events, talk shows, and general entertainment. "It’s a fully-equipped yet extraordinarily compact truck," says Jan de Pijper, Viditech's MD. Moreover, the TV control room on wheels offers the best of both worlds, as he explains: "The truck is highly versatile but at the same time features powerful technology and delivers a high level of quality."
The truck’s intercom equipment plays a decisive role in all this, and once again Viditech is relying on systems from RTS/TELEX. To ensure flawless communication during productions, the truck boasts an RTS Cronus digital matrix with 32 ports as well as numerous KP-12 series keypanels. MCP-90-12 microphones and PH-88R5 headsets from TELEX complete the set-up.
Jan de Pijper explains the reasons Viditech chooses RTS/TELEX systems: "We’ve been working with products from RTS/TELEX for a long time, and have had uniformly positive experiences with them. They offer flawless performance and are extremely reliable, which is particularly important; you can‘t change your intercom system in the middle of a live broadcast, so you have to have 100% confidence in the system you choose. Since the installation had to be completed to a tight schedule, the ability to work closely with Axon Digital Design, and Area Sales Manager Leo Smeding in particular, also proved crucial to the successful launch of the new truck.”
OBV5’s first outings have proved hugely successful. "The feedback has been outstanding," reports Pijper. "Our customers know the hallmarks of a state-of-the-art outside broadcast van when they see them: the finest equipment at the fingertips of the finest technicians. It's an investment from which our company and our customers will see benefits for a long, long time."
About Viditech:Founded in 1990, Viditech Broadcast Facilities, a member of the Facility House group, has quickly established a leading reputation in the Netherlands as a broadcast service provider. Initially active in regional television broadcasting, the company has more than kept pace with developments in the industry – not only with the technical advances but also with the rapidly expanding demand – as demonstrated by the growing number and size of its outside broadcast vehicles. In 2011, Viditech became the third-largest broadcast service supplier in the Netherlands. The company's portfolio includes sporting events, general entertainment and talk shows.